Portray of the URTA
The URTA is a pressure group and a Non Gouvernmental Organization (NGO) of the civil society for the defence and the promotion Human Rights, Civil Rights and Fundamental Liberties in Togo.
The URTA was founded in 1992 as an association of nationals of Togo in Germany and German nationals of the civil society to actively support democratization in Togo.
The URTA is a NGO on the terms of German legislation. The URTA primarily works at mobilizing decision makers as well as institutions, which can support the establishment of a parliamentarian democracy and the rule of the Laws in Togo. To achieve those political goals the URTA exclusively stand for the use of non-violent ways and means.
URTA is not subordinated to any political party. It is not speaking on behalf of any political party. Its actions are solely guided by those principles mentioned above. Its cooperates eventually with other groups, organizations or institutions, which accepts those principles and are keen to work with the same determination towards the establishment of democracy and the betterment of socio-economical development in Togo.
Up to nowadays, the URTA has organized over years seminars on the socio-political situation in Togo, periodically published analysis and evaluations on Human Rights or on the socio-economical development in Togo. Therefore the URTA has initiated or contributed to an array of meetings, which were designed to draft approaches of solutions to the current crisis, which has resulted from the lack of civil rights and fundamental freedom in Togo.
To contact us:
Bundeskoordination der URTA
P.O. Box 3007
Internet homepage: www.urta.de / email: Urta92@aol.com